Friends of Paws in Prison Inc (FoPIP) is a nonprofit organization registered with the State of Texas, and was established in 2014 to bring additional support and visibility to the Paws in Prison Program. 

The FoPIP board is made up entirely of unpaid volunteers. All of our board members either work in animal professions or have extensive experience with animal rescue.

FoPIP relies completely upon charitable donations and grants to support its activities. 

For more information about this charity, please read our mission statement and guiding principles, as well as our profile on GuideStar.

How FoPIP supports the PIP Program at Lockhart

  • Medical/vet care
  • Nutrition
  • ​Transport
  • Equipment
  • Hiring a Program Manager
  • Fund raising to cover all program costs 
  • Setting program policy and direction

To learn more about the nonprofit, please visit the Friends of Paws in Prison Facebook page.
For more information: 
  call    (830) 305 2629
  Paws in Prison 

             About the Friends of Paws in Prison
501(c)3 non-profit