These are just a handful of testimonials selected from adoptees and inmates.
First names only and all identifying facts have been removed.

Marian: Being part of this program I found healing and I felt human again. We [Marian and her prison dog] were both broken in every sense of the word…. Like [prison dog], I can relate to abuse. He showed me that I do matter, I am lovable, and I can give love without fear. We accept each other. He helped me find my confidence and he, along with Paws in Prison has given me a purpose.

MelissaThese dogs are loved and cared for and in return these broken women are loved and cared for by the dogs! It’s an awesome program.

Elizabeth: I believe this is an exceptional program for both inmates and animals. It reduces recidivism and the costs associated with too many unadoptable dogs.

PattiI believe this [PIP] to be an essential program that helps dogs, inmates and the whole community.

SarrahI was in the program for almost 2 years. The PIP program taught me a lot about responsibility, and it saved me….It has been such an important part of my life, and my own personal recovery.

LisaMy sweet boy [dog’s name] was the beneficiary of such a program. He was transformed from a stray with little hope of adoption into the perfect companion. I owe that entirely to inmates who taught him how to be a good canine citizen. Prison programs like that at the Lockhart Correctional Facility save dogs’ lives and benefit the participating inmates in innumerable ways, including compassion for other living creatures and lessons on unconditional love (which many of these participants have never had in their lives).

DarlineThis was the single most life changing program I was a part of. Healing love, compassion, responsibility and accountability were buried until those little brown button eyes and swimming tails reminded me life can be good. This program changes lives.

PaigeMost of us come into prison with serious trust issues. The dogs as well. When you see a seriously neglected and abused animal be able to put their life back together because of your part in his life it gives you the strength and courage to trust again. When you believe in yourself you are able to make a transformation that you thought impossible. Thank you for your time and patience with me.

Jeri:  We adopted our dog about 10 years ago. Our previous dog had serious behavior issues and I was determined to find a dog that was well behaved. Our sweet [dog's name] is the most lovable and well-behaved dog I have ever had. Everyone who comes over our house falls in love with her. She came from a rural kill shelter into the PIP program and it breaks my heart to think she may have been euthanized without the PIP program.

Jill in a letter to the ladies in prison:  Merry Christmas Paws!!!! Just wanted to shout out some words of encouragement to the ladies!!!! I celebrated 11 years of sobriety. #1. I opened [company name] June of 18 and so far so good. Had it not been for Paws In Prison I would have never had the confidence to pursue a career in training. But in the end I am not training but grooming and now a owner of a very successful business. Started at the bottom working minimum wage at a veterinarian office 4 yrs then a doggie daycare, then Petco 4 yrs. Then because of remaining sober I was able to purchase 2 1/2 acres and open. Who would have thought a person with a 9th grade education and extensive criminal history could be in this position?? To God be the glory. I know exactly what i can accomplish in my own strength. NOTHING!!!! So I measure my success not by my bank account but by happy dogs and clients. 

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