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Adoption Guidelines​​​

We care about you and we care about our dogs. Our guidelines are to make certain your adopted dog will be happy and safe in your home and to make the best match possible for you both.  For our purposes, the word "trainer" means the professional person who comes into the prison to teach the inmates how to train the dogs.  ​​

  • The dog will be ready to go home after training is complete.  If the trainer thinks the dog has learned the basics, the dog may be able to go home sooner.
  • The dog adoption must be a family decision with adults committing to the care and supervision of the dog.  
  • Our goal is to match the right dog with the right person, couple or family, however, we reserve the right to refuse any adoption at our discretion.
  • All potential adopters must complete an adoption application .  
  • After your application is received, a Paws in Prison representative will contact you to arrange a "meet and greet" at the Lockhart Correctional Facility.  
  • If you are renting, you must supply proof that a pet is allowed, such as a letter from the landlord with contact information included or a copy of the lease.
  • Unless you live in an apartment, you must have a fenced yard, however, we do not advocate leaving dogs outdoors unsupervised.  That was the life most dogs escaped from and we don't want them to go to the lonely life of being an outside dog.  We only adopt to homes where the dog lives indoors with their new family.
  • Some dogs are suited for apartment life while others are not.  We want to assist you in finding the dog that is the right match for your lifestyle.  If you do live in an apartment, you must commit to regular exercise for your dog.
  • Keep in mind that dog adoption is a commitment for the lifetime of the dog.  For this reason, we only adopt to the person who will be the dog owner and not someone who wants to give the dog to someone else.
  • If you currently have a dog(s), all your dogs must be current on vaccinations, on heartworm preventative and spayed/neutered.  If you have had a dog in the last 5 years or currently have a dog(s), we will do a vet reference check after receipt of your application.  We will verify all veterinary references prior to adoption.
  • When evaluating our dogs, take into consideration the ages of children and the activity level of the family that will best suit the age, health, and temperament of the dog.
  • After we have received your application, a Paws in Prison representative will contact you to arrange a time for you to meet the dog at the prison.  If you currently have a dog(s), you are required to bring your dog(s) to the prison for the meet & greet also so we can evaluate the temperament of the existing dogs with the new dog.
  • After all adoption steps have been completed (application, vet reference, prison meet and greet visit, home visit), you will be required to sign our adoption contract.  You will also be required to pay the $300 adoption fee (plus tax) and the additional microchip enrollment fee.
  • Should you have any additional questions, please email us at [email protected]

​Parolees as Adopters
Parolees must comply with all the above guidelines.  The terms of parole must be compatible with dog ownership.  Proven stability is required: 1 year waiting period, proof of employment, a permanent living location, and support system stability.

Guards as Adopters
Guards must comply with all the above guidelines.  No preferential treatment will be given.  Additionally, the prison cannot be used as a dog daycare center.