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Adoption Application

Please download the Paws in Prison (PIP) Adoption Application form, fill it out, and either scan it and attach it to an email or mail it to our mailing address below.  Completing this form is the first step in the process of acquiring a dog from Paws in Prison, but it does not guarantee you will get a dog without further review.  If you are accepted as an adoptee, you will be required to sign an adoption contract.  One application is for one or more dogs.  Please fill out every part of the form, even if you reply NA (not applicable).

ADOPTION FEE:  The PIP adoption fee is $300 plus tax along with a microchip fee of about $20-$30.

RENTAL AGREEMENTIf you rent your home, you will be required to supply a rental agreement proving that pets are allowed in your unit that is signed by the apartment manager.

GOING HOME:  If you have a trip planned or have events that would conflict with the dog adjustment period, please take that into consideration before picking up your dog.

MEET AND GREET:  If you have other dogs in the home, you will be required to bring them to the prison for a "meet and greet."

HOME INSPECTION:   A home inspection will be required to make certain your home is appropriate for dog adoption.

FEEDBACK:  Although not required, the inmates who lovingly trained your dog always like to know how they are doing in their forever home.  A feedback letter thanking them and letting them know how your dog is doing in his/her new home would be greatly appreciated, with photos if possible.

Please click on the "Download" button below then print the Adoption Application Form, fill it out, then scan and email it to:

[email protected]

 You can also fill it out and snail mail the form to:

Paws in Prison Adoptions
4102 New Braunfels St.
Ste 110-137
San Antonio, Tx. 78223