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Friends of Paws In Prison is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with an EIN of 46-5398562. You can donate using one of the buttons above or mail a check made out to Friends of Paws in Prison to:


Friends of Paws in Prison

1711 S. Colorado St.

Suite E-204

Lockhart, TX  78644

Friends of Paws in Prison has created a special certificate as a show of caring and support for the loss of a pet or a person and at the same time give dogs and inmates a second chance of life and love.  Or you can honor someone special in your life with our certificate.​​​

To order a certificate in honor of someone or as a memorial, you can:

  • Make a donation

  • Mail a check made out to Friends of Paws in Prison to 1711 S. Colorado St., Suite E-204, Lockhart, Tx. 78644.


We need the following pieces of information to accompany payment. If donating online, please use the Note section to include the following:

  1. Whether the certificate is in "Honor Of" (the pet or person is still living) or in "Memory Of" (the pet or person has passed away)

  2. The name of the pet or person being honored or memorialized

  3. The donor's name

  4. Whether you want the certificate sent via email or regular mail. Please make certain we have the correct email address or regular mailing address of the person to receive the certificate.


" 2008-2009 when I was an inmate at Lockhart...I was a part of your program, graduating two dogs; ...Your program was the best thing that could have happened to me, and it got me to where I am today. After my release I knew I wanted to work with dogs; I was good at it. I worked for several different doggie daycares, and now I am using what I first learned to make a profession out of it. I have a wonderful employer who sees so much potential in me and has given me an opportunity to do what I love and that is training dogs. I am now an enrichment coordinator, daycare lead, and am in the process of becoming a master certified dog trainer, have already completed knowing dogs 101, 201, and 301. Thank you for everything you're doing, it truly made an impact on my life. ...Thank you again and keep up the good work."


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