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It takes a lot of work to make this small but powerful organization run well. We need the help of individuals who have a heart for our mission. If you have read our newsletters or reviewed our website, you know the positive impact Paws in Prison has on the inmates, the saved dogs, our communities, and the individuals who adopt our well-trained dogs.  We need talents of all shapes and sizes from time-to-time. Do you have social media skills? Are you a good writer or editor? Does helping at an event bring you joy? Do you love talking to people? That gives you a sense of your special talents that we can use to "save more than dogs." Review our volunteer application form below to find out if you fit into one of our volunteer superhero slots. The rewards of helping this amazing nonprofit will fill your soul.  


On rare occasions, Paws in Prison needs a short-term foster home for a dog due to a variety of reasons. We may need a temporary foster home for a dog that that had a hard time adjusting to a prison environment. On the rare occasion that a dog is returned to us, we may not believe returning him/her to prison is in the dog's best interest after living in a home environment.  And let’s admit it, prison life isn’t for everyone! A foster home would give us time to pursue finding a new adoptive home. 

Could you open your heart and your home for a little while to help a dog with this transition? Ideally these homes would work best within the Lockhart, Bulverde, Seguin, San Marcos, New Braunfels, Austin, San Antonio, and surrounding areas for easy access by our staff, unless you are able to bring the dog to us on occasion, then we can make it all work out.


Thank you so much for your interest in helping with Paws in Prison. We want to be certain we match your talents with our needs! We want working with us to be a satisfying and fulfilling experience for you, so we appreciate your time in filling out the following Volunteer Application.

Please check the areas in which you have an interest in volunteering.
When are you available to volunteer?
Are you willing to travel within Texas (usually in the Central Texas area)?

Thanks for your submission! Someone will reach out to you shortly.

"Working with shelter animals and sheltered people is another world unto itself. A world where "respect" must be earned through one's actions at being fair, consistent, and firm. A level of professionalism is expected of me and my peers. The challenges of learning and teaching in this setting has been accomplished by using only the kindest and gentlest methods.  Each small step forward is celebrated and each step backwards has been a learning experience. ... Then we share what we have learned with our family and friends, bringing a positive impact to many levels of life, including service to the community by saving a dog's life and enriching the lives of families who adopt."


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