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Dog giving a high five



Your donation, large or small, makes a difference!  See below for how your funds can help.

Individual donors receive a receipt for tax purposes, a sincere thank you letter, and a mention in our newsletter.  A corporate sponsor or grant of $3,000 or more will receive recognition on our website with your logo as well as social media recognition, newsletter mention, and a personalized card from the inmates.  Paws in Prison would appreciate donors sharing their gift with their audience as well! 

Our goal is to adopt 40 dogs every year.  Every month, we average 10 dogs and 50 women in the dorm.


  • $125 covers the monthly cost of heartworm prevention for the dorm

  • $130 pays for the microchip of ten dogs

  • $175 covers one initial veterinary visit exam including vaccine

  • $325 sponsors the adoption fee of a dog for a deserving family

  • $350 pays for the Spay / Neuter of one dog

  • $250 covers the cost of quality dog treats used for training for one month

  • $500 pays for a month of dog food for the dorm  (We use about 150 lbs of kibble each month!)

  • $500 covers the cost of a scholarship to an online course in Veterinary Assistant or Animal Care (or similar) for an inmate

"We adopted Pippa. Couldn’t be happier finding her and PIP. Thank you for all the work you’re doing making positive impacts on humans and dogs' lives 🥰"


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