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Fur Real Podcast

Choose from several platforms to listen and then navigate to EPISODE 12 to hear a behind the scenes talk about the Paws in Prison Program.

"Imagine being a female inmate in a prison because your past mistakes have put you there. You really have no direction for the future. Someone comes up to you and offers an opportunity you never even imagined. "How would you like to help train rescue dogs that will in turn teach you empathy and greater responsibility." When you complete the program and are released from the prison, you will have the skill to get a great job." Can you imagine what a great feeling this would be?

In this inspiring episode, Catherine Laria, the director of the "Paws in Prison" program, and Nicci Sawyer, Dani Brannock, Michah Hubbard, and Carrie McCloud, all inmate graduates, discuss the impact these rescued dogs had and have on their lives, illustrating the bond formed between them has led to personal growth and positive change. "Paws in Prison" emerges as a beacon of hope, showcasing the remarkable synergy between those seeking redemption and the dogs that became their salvation. Don't miss this heartwarming tale of second chances, empowerment, and the transformation of compassion."


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