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Top Trainer & Prison Program Director

Jamie, a mother with 2 children had a good job as a nurse; however, alcohol got the best of her, and after several DWI arrests, she ended up spending 5 years in prison. After her parole, she applied to be a dog trainer at PETSMART. Armed with her folder containing a Bible study certificate, a parole letter, and training certifications from Paws in Prison, she was given a job bathing dogs. Now, she is considered one of the top PETSMART trainers in the nation. In 2023, Jamie was selected to become the Training Director at the new Rusk County Second Chance Initiative Prison Dog Program. Jamie continues to share her story to give other inmates encouragement, does speaking engagements in recovery programs and speaks at various group functions. "It all started in that dog dorm. Without the Paws in Prison program, I would be dead."

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